Empowering women to reclaim their health

With an integrative mind, body and spirit approach.
Addressing the root cause, not just the symptoms.

Welcome to Lotus Women's Health and congratulations on taking that all important first step on your journey to reclaim your health.

I have always had a keen interest in nutrition and health, but it was my experience with no respite from chronic health conditions, that led me to study Naturopathy.  


I believe that our personal experiences in life not only shape whom we are or become, they give exceptional insight and empathy for others in similar circumstances.

My personal experiences living with and healing from chronic pain and fibromyalgia,  along with my journey to recovery from anxiety and PTSD, have given me a unique perception and understanding for the ladies that consult with me for assistance with their health concerns.

My healing journey has equipped me well for my passion, helping other women to reclaim their health, with empathy and understanding. 

In my clinic I utilise food as medicine with individual meal plans available, traditional herbal support, flower essences, nutraceuticals and lifestyle support.  Each  client receives an individual protocol and treatment; dependent upon their individual health and needs. 



Meet Sam

BHSc Naturopathy

I am a passionate advocate for women's health with a special interest in mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression and stress, along with hormonal health in particular transitioning from perimenopause and beyond!

There is no doubt that modern day women are exposed to unprecedented levels of stress, resulting in our increasingly weary bodies simply unable to keep up with the energy demand and steadily becoming more exhausted and anxious than ever. 


Never-ending responsibilities and commitments can lead to us not only feeling worn out, but they also have a huge influence on our mental wellness.  We may become irritable, withdrawn, fearful, unable to sleep, experience changes in our appetites and bowel motions to name just a few. 


For each person stress will manifest itself differently, however long-term stress and the fatigue that comes with it can impact your whole body and may lead to burnout as well as an increased risk of infections and serious disease.

So how can you escape this cycle? 

By working closely with you regarding your condition,taking a detailed history that is inclusive of any familial conditions, current supplementation/medications & any recent pathology.  I am able to formulate a plan of action that is tailored to YOUR specific needs. 


Book now and begin reclaiming your health.

How can I assist you?

Anxiety, Depression, Burnout, Stress, PTSD, Insomnia, Perimenopause, Transitioning into menopause and beyond, Inflammation, Pain management, Herbal medicine, Lifestyle coaching,

Nutrient dense food, Personalised meal planning

Health is a state of complete


of the body, mind and spirit.

Begin your journey today.


I had my initial appointment yesterday and while I usually struggle with online appointments - Sam made it easy. She has a gift to truly listen and hear what you need; something not all practitioners can do. Highly recommend her services.

- Maggie M

Client feedback

I had my first meeting with Sam & found her very easy to talk to. I felt I could trust Sam and I shared health issues that I normally wouldn't divulge until having met a practitioner a few times. it was clear to me in a short space of time that she cares about my health and genuinely wanted to help. I can highly recommend Sam.

- Debbie R

Sam has been thorough, responsive and very flexible to what process works for me. I feel I have found someone who understands me my body and is able to walk the road with me.

I highly recommend Sam and can’t thank her enough 

- Pam C

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