Sam is a degree qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist, who is enthusiastic about empowering women to reclaim their health, after living with anxiety & chronic pain. Sam is passionate about mental wellness, treating anxiety, PTSD, depression, and of course gut. health. As we know that all disease starts in the gut and that inflammation is linked to chronic disease. 



I help women like you go from frazzled & bedraggled to sparkling with vitality!

By working on lowering your levels of inflammation and giving you a strategy to reclaim your health and banish the overwhelm.

Inflammation is a fundamental element of the body’s natural immune response. It is beneficial to protect tissues, increase blood flow and support wound healing.

However, when inflammation is extended longer than necessary, it can also hinder the body’s healing process.

Analysing your dietary intake can help us pinpoint foods that may add to this inflammation burden. Consequently, adjusting your diet can have a fundamental role in lowering your inflammatory markers

It may also be beneficial to include a personalised herbal formulation and or compound, along with some lifestyle modifications.

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How I can assist you

We are what we eat!
All disease starts in the gut and inflammation is linked to nearly every disease state.


Mental Wellness

Anxiety PTSD



Gut & Lymphatic Health

Chronic Pain

Lymphatic Massage

Targeting the flow of lymph,

encouraging drainage of fluid

Hair Food Compatibility

Discover the foods
with YOUR body

What I Offer

  • Mental Wellness

    Are you sick and tired of your anxiety and depression getting in the way of your life?

  • Hair Food Compatibility Program

    The hair food compatibility program is the simplest, fastest & most successful way to change your health!

  • Inflammation

    Inflammatory markers have been shown to have a direct correlation with mental health conditions such as anxiety.

  • Nutrition

    Dietary analysis & personalised meal plans, designed especially for YOU!

  • Lymphatic Massage

    Get your lymph moving to detox! Stimulating the lymph to encourage drainage of fluid & waste.

Are you ready to make a plan & reclaim your health?

Rebuilding life after chronic long term illness is not easy, the psychological scars can become so deeply ingrained, the voice in our head so LOUD.

I am here to tell you that it can be done, yes it takes hard work, it is not a quick fix.

I see a lot of clients with complex conditions, one diagnosis feeding into another. This led me to complete additional training in advanced thyroid health, along with a functional medicine system called Vitae Mosaic.

I believe that our own experiences in life not only shape who we are or become. But they also give exceptional insight and empathy for others in similar circumstances. My healing journey has equipped me well for my passion, assisting you to reclaim your health, with compassion and understanding.

Are you ready to take the first step to reclaim your health?

I look forward to working alongside you.

My sessions with Sam have been informative and so very validating. Sam has been thorough, responsive and very flexible to what process works for me. There have been many changing details and circumstances with my health or understandings. Yet, we manage to dance to a similar tune. I super love the tinctures/teas and herbal remedies she incorporates into my treatment. I feel I have found someone who understands me my body and can walk the road with me. I highly recommend Sam and can't thank her enough.
Pam C

What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

The objective is to increase foods that may help to reduce inflammation and to minimise foods that may encourage an inflammatory environment.  At the same time, we are supporting optimal digestive function for effective and efficient nutrient digestion and absorption.

The anti-inflammatory diet focuses on increasing antioxidant-rich foods and dietary fibre whilst reducing/excluding refined and processed foods.


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