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My name is Sam and I help to empower women to reclaim their health! I love working with women who are at the end of their tether! Perhaps you have done the rounds of health providers and STILL have no resolution? Or maybe you have never felt the same since (an event, operation, illness)?

I know only too well how debilitating that can be. My journey with a complex health condition was the driver for my studies and subsequent BHSc.


Lotus Women’s Health has an emphasis on holistic, client-focused approach to health and wellness. Not only including physical health but encompassing mental, emotional, functional, spiritual and social aspects; treating the whole person not only the system.


I am a passionate advocate for Women’s Health, with a Particular interest in stress and the adverse effects it wreaks on our bodies. along with the effect that hormonal changes have upon us.  With an emphasis on transitioning into perimenopause, the journey into menopause & beyond!


I promote & use a blend of traditional & evidence based medicine.  Along with dietary & lifestyle interventions, to strive to limit toxic environmental exposure; promoting a clean environment in the diet & home.


Functional Medicine asks how & why illness occurs & restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.

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Some of The Conditions I Can Assist You With


Support with transitioning into perimenopause, through to menopause & beyond.

Pain management, Inflammation & Immunity support


Dietary analysis

Weight loss

Personalised Meal plans

Practitioner only Nutraceuticals

Organic Australian Herbs

Organic Australian Teas

Practitioner only supplements


Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Adrenal Imbalance






Lifestyle  Coaching

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