Sam is a degree qualified Naturopath who is enthusiastic about empowering women to reclaim their health. Passionate about mental wellness, inflammation, lymphatic & gut health.
I help busy women like you go from frazzled & bedraggled, to sparkling with energy and vitality!​
Sam Lluisé

Sam takes a holistic approach provides an individualised & integrative treatment strategy, using nutritional & herbal medicine, diet & lifestyle guidance to achieve significant health improvements & restore optimal health & vitality.

Sam is very passionate to utilise “food as medicine” and likes to focus on a Mediterranean stye way of eating, that is heavily backed by research in its ability to assist in lowering the inflammatory load.

We are what we eat!

All disease starts in the gut and inflammation is linked to nearly every disease state.
In my clinic, I have found that one of the quickest ways to lower inflammation is utilising the hair food compatibility program.  This removes the foods that are incompatible with YOUR body and may well be causing inflammation.

Sam was very easy to talk to. She addressed my concerns with sound practical advice and shared many tips on how I can achieve my health goals. She was very approachable, supportive, and helpful.

Pam C

Thanks so much Sam, I am amazed by what a difference I have noticed in my pain. For the first time in so long I am sleeping & actually have energy again! Can't wait to come in for another massage with those amazing gloves!​

Michelle D

I see a lot of ladies with complex conditions, one diagnosis feeding into another. Rebuilding one’s life after chronic long term illness is not easy; the psychological scars can become so deeply ingrained, the voice in our head so LOUD

I believe that our own experiences in life not only shape who we are or become. But they also give exceptional insight and empathy for others in similar circumstances.

My own healing journey from chronic conditions, has equipped me well for my passion, assisting you to reclaim your health with compassion and understanding. 

I am here to tell you that you can do it; recovery is possible.

yes, it takes hard work, it is not a quick fix, lets work together and reclaim your health!


The objective is to increase foods that may help to reduce inflammation and to minimise foods that may encourage an inflammatory environment. At the same time, we support optimal digestive function for effective and efficient nutrient digestion and absorption


The anti-inflammatory diet focuses on increasing antioxidant-rich foods and dietary fibre whilst reducing/excluding refined and processed foods. 

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