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Homemade pesto on turmeric & lentil sourdough and my take on the classic Jamu


How to

1. Blend all of the had ingredients to a paste.
2. Scrape down the sides and add the greens and olive oil, blend again to desired consistency.
3. Pop into a glass jar, top with a little extra olive oil and store in the fridge.

My take on Jamu

Jamu (or Djamu) is a traditional medicinal Indonesian anti-inflammatory elixir, originally from Java and used in combination with other traditional healing methodology.
Traditional Jamu can contain up to 213 medicinal plants and dates back over 1300 years!
As with most of my “concoctions” I like to add whatever my body needs, according to the season and what I have on hand. As a herbalist I will use plentiful amounts of what is in season and abundant in my garden, with a dash of what I am drawn to that day from my dispensary of liquid herbal tinctures.
I do not tend to measure ingredients when making this kind of recipe, I go by instinct.
This particular blend included;
  • A large knob of fresh ginger
  • A couple of fingers of fresh turmeric
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 4 peeled lemons
  • 4 small beetroot
  • 2 limes
  • Handfuls of herbs from my garden – lemon balm, parsley, lime balm
  • 2 oranges
  • Vitamin C powder
  • Colloidal minerals (about 80ml)
  • Aloe vera juice (about 100ml)
  • Splash of hemp seed oil
Blend it all together in your thermomix or high speed blender, store in the fridge

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