Lotus Womens Health

With an emphasis on anxiety, PTSD, inflammation, lymphatic, and gut health. Finding the foods that are compatible with your body, using food as medicine to heal and maintain optimal health.


If you are new to my services, your initial appointment will be between 60 – 90 minutes.  This provides time for a comprehensive review of your health concerns, taking into account your previous history, recent pathology & any medications & supplements that you may be taking.

I use a holistic approach to provide each person with an individualised & integrative treatment strategy, using nutritional & herbal medicine, diet & lifestyle guidance in order to achieve significant health improvements & restore optimal health & vitality.

The hair food compatibility program is the simplest, fastest, and most successful way to change your health!

It is a simple non-invasive analysis and requires only a small sample of hair from the ends.

This Australian protocol accurately measures over 600 different foods, beverages, nutritional supplements, and personal hygiene products. This will then determine the food and products that are not compatible with your body and could be contributing to your underlying health issues.

The Bio-Compatibility System is the result of over thirty years of research and development by qualified Naturopaths in Australia. This is a Naturopathic Wellness program that is now used in more than 20 countries.

Lymphatic Massage

I use a unique combination of dual-action massage gloves and a naturopathic formulated LymFATic™ cream. 

While the gloves stimulate and physically move lymph from the outside, the cream goes to work on the inside.

This powerful combination of healing herbs and essential oils are designed to help strengthen and drain your lymphatic system, enhance vein and capillary function while providing nutrition to your cells, and facilitate the removal of stuck, toxic fluid, and fat from your body.

This will help to speed up healing after injury or exercise, improve circulation beneath the skin, promote the removal of acids, change the structure of your skin, and generally improve overall wellbeing.

Detox Program
Whole Food Cleanse

Embrace the New Year ~ with a whole food cleanse!

Achieve health & well-being goals in small, manageable steps.  During the four-week program, you will be learning lifelong habits to keep you healthy, energetic & vibrant!


4 x 15 minute consults, with an additional 4 x e-books 

Nutrition & lifestyle guide e-book

My 32 page Whole food recipe e-book

Meal Planning

Are you new to gluten-free, kicking the sugar, dairy intolerant?

Don’t be overwhelmed; let me take the stress out of 

“but what can I eat”?

Your three-week meal plan will include;

  •  Recipe e-book
  •  Shopping list
  •  Three-week planner